Premarital Counseling


Have a marriage more beautiful than your wedding! 


Premarital Counseling at my west Houston office takes a multi-faceted approach in teaching couples the tools needed to make it for the long haul.  As well as you feel you know each other there is more to learn and understand about your partner as you begin your journey together.  Premarital Counseling is a healthy opportunity to acquire skills while you are at a period in your relationship that is likely happy and hopeful.  Learning techniques now while the energy is there and you have the motivation is key to setting your marriage up for success. My goal is that Premarital Counseling is a productive and learning experience for you.  I want you both to feel equal in my office.  I do not keep secrets and I do not take sides. 


Premarital Counseling is about rooting your foundation as one, understanding what it takes to make a lasting marriage, and building a happy life together.  It is important to understand that both partners come from different homes and therefore different backgrounds.  Some of the things you may have learned as a child may work in your favor, others may be toxic to your marriage.  "That is how I was raised" may explain behavior, but it does not excuse it.  In Premarital Counseling you will learn how to blend your experiences to create what works for the both of you today, and release what may be hurtful to your marriage.  Couples will learn specific tools for a happy, lasting marriage in the areas of...


  • Healthy communication
  • Expressing love
  • Showing appreciation
  • Apology
  • Managing anger
  • In-laws and extended family
  • Children
  • Spirituality
  • Managing finances
  • Values
  • Sex
  • Goals
  • Boundaries (with each other, family, co-workers, friends)
  • Work/life balance
  • Validation
  • Strengthening compatibility
  • Emotional expression
  • Partnership
  • Empathy
  • Power issues


Couples that wait to enter counseling until their marriage is at its most vulnerable point face difficult struggles.  Studies have shown that of the couples that enter counseling many needed to have begun counseling seven years before they actually started.